What Can EFT Help?

I specialize in using EFT to address challenges in many of the more complex areas of our life experience. Click the links below to read more about my experience with each of these issues (more coming soon):

Serious Illness
The Effects of Trauma
Recovering from an AccidentEFT Tapping Points
Fears and Phobias (Dental Fears, Heights, Success, etc.)
Allergies (Dust, Pollen, Bees, etc.)
Stress and Anxiety
Career and Work
Grief and Loss
Emotional Eating
Low Self-Esteem
LGBT Issues
Blocks to Peak Performance (Singing, Acting, Writing, Being Creative, etc.)
Body Image and transformation
Animal behavior and wellness
EFT for kids and parents
So much more!

It can seem like a lot areas to cover, but EFT really can help each person in their own way. When the emotional intensity around a particular experience or physical issue is addressed and minimized with EFT, the body’s natural healing ability is better able to do its job. The end result is that you feel better. In almost every case, clients report experiencing surprisingly profound emotional and physical improvements. These usually go hand in hand with a renewed ability to meet life’s challenges from a place of confidence and peace.