Vibrational (Co-Creative) Marketing

Jade's PhilosophyImagine being free of the “how” of traditional or internet marketing. What if you could expect your next business steps to line up for you in ways that feel completely natural and easy to manage? This is the promise of exploring vibrational or co-creative marketing, targeted EFT sessions to help you use your emotional guidance to navigate your way towards a more prosperous future.

EFT can help us:

  • Attract more of what we want, naturally, without having to do marketing we don’t want to do (yes!)
  • Find greater alignment with ourselves, and watch the world conspire to bring us more of the right kind of business
  • Begin to value the consistency of our emotional guidance
  • Learn concrete skills to feel our way towards greater success
  • Connect with the value and power of learning to focus our thoughts in ways that feel better

Your thoughts and feelings precede the actions you may be considering taking. How could you be thinking more powerfully and strategically?

You can feel it when you are aligned, “in the flow” or otherwise in-sync with your work, when business or clients are heading your way or when you are on the path to achieving your goal. Conversely, you can also feel it when your goals seem far away or out of reach. In essence, your emotional guidance will tell you where you stand vibrationally in relationship to what you want.

Imagine that instead of confusion, you could expect a lighted path to open before you, showing you your next logical steps, where the perfect information appears at the right time or where an opportunity appears just as you suspected it would. Chances are you’ve already done it unconsciously. Imagine learning to do it more deliberately than ever before.

I first heard the term Vibrational Marketing from my friend and colleague Sunday Coté, a minister in Arizona. She developed the term to describe how we can connect more with our own spiritual beliefs around our relationship to our work, and how feeling good can attract more of what we want into our lives. My colleague at, Lynne Shaner, has taken it a step further, calling it Co-Creative Marketing – which might be an even better title to describe the potential for us to have a more consistent and creative relationship with the Law of Attraction principles at work around our businesses.

My approach to Vibrational or Co-Creative Marketing is simply to help you realize that how you are thinking and feeling has a clear link to your business success. Our work together will get you consciously and consistently attracting more of what you want, as you learn your role in the process and find self-empowerment along the way.