Feedback and Testimonials

From EFT Trainings:

The most helpful part [of the October 2015 Level 3 class] was the big picture approach rather than just adding specific skills. The broad view allowed me to pull everything together and I feel more confident now. I have learned that I can be flexible in my approach now that I am confident of the basic skills. I find that allowing a client to complete the sentence following the word “because….” is a great door opener to deeper work.” –– Margaret Creeth LPC, October 2015

Jade is a skilled and masterful teacher. His desire to set you up for success and genuine desire for students to receive, digest and integrate the material is clearly evident. Jade models a knowledgeable, powerful and sensitive art of delivery and his teaching style meets people where they are. One of the most valuable take-aways [from the October 2015 Level 3] for me is in letting the process do the work. There was a deepening of this awareness for me and not only does that help me, it is helping my clients. I also loved the “squeeze the lemon” technique. This is so valuable!” –– Kimberly Francano, Manager of Coaching and Coach Trainer for Margaret Lynch, October 2015

Attending this weekend felt like I have taken off a heavy, soggy wetsuit and now I can swim more freely & easily with my Art of Delivery. Seeing how effectively one can calibrate midstream while continuing to tap. I feel like I really go a deep sense of how I can let sessions flow even more seamlessly with less stops and starts. Squeezing the Lemon is an amazing technique and I am sure I will be integrating this into my own Personal Peace practice as well as sharing it with others. I also sincerely appreciated having the map as a way to navigate sessions and to always know where I am and where to return to whenever I am in doubt.” –– Jennifer Moore, EFT Practitioner and Tatoo Medicine Lady

I have been able to let go ‘the need to fix’ with so many people in so many ways – letting go of the need to give advice. The psychologist in me likes that. As a psychologist, I was trained to analyze and problem solve and figure things out about and for a person. What I like about the EFT process is that my role is to provide the environment to allow the person to find their way. You’ve helped me work on the EFT practitioner part of me, and that’s the piece I was missing.” — Paula Houck, Psychologist

From Personal EFT Sessions

It’s amazing what I’m eating now compared to what I was eating two weeks ago. I’m eating eggs. I’m eating beans. I’m eating sugar! It’s amazing. There is still a little bit of the symptoms, but nothing serious. It’s calmed down a lot. I’m just realizing it’s about me being stressed out. It’s not so much what I’m eating, it’s how relaxed I am when I’m eating it and how I feel when I’m eating it. That’s changed a lot, how I’ve started
looking at it that way.” –– Wenche Thomsson, February 2011

Jade, I notice such a difference my back this morning!!! Thank you for helping me. I am a believer! EFT is so real!!” –– Ariel Phage-Gnomo, January 2015

It’s working! Our Vibrational Marketing session has brought me three new clients so far, in only two days: One new client for multiple sessions via Google; One returning client (someone I adore, an actor) came back for three more, as well. And there is one English lady who came via Facebook – and I never, ever got a client from Facebook! She will get one session for a reduced price – so there is still something to work on. All “out of the blue” as we talked about… I am thrilled! Same Day Update: I just got an emergency session in the late afternoon, and another client just wrote she wants to do another session! Something has really shifted. “Out of the blue” is magical. It is a powerful image for me, absolutely hits the spot. Has a spiritual meaning too. I wonder if that is something you could build on in your vibrational marketing work: finding the exact image/wording for a client, the one that resonates on a deep level.” — “Wanda,” Maryland

Jade – your work is truly powerful! It is so different from any other work I have experienced. After the first time, when I tried to describe it, the word “relentless” came up! Meaning, when we came up against the blocks or edges of areas I must be fearing, we kept [moving] through. Somehow the work makes it possible without the pain! The magical tapping, I presume! The second session was like knowing we were going in for a deep look and clean up – and I didn’t have to know ahead of time what we were to be working on! This work finds the tough spots! After our session I found myself holding my head higher and feeling much stronger! Having “homework” is great, too — I have been trying to work with EFT in various forms for a couple of years and this has been the most effective experience! Your lovely presence is certainly part of it,too. Blessings to you on this path!”
—Annie, Vermont

Thank you for helping me feel as though I’m returning to the human race.” — “Kevin,” New Hampshire

Thank you so much for the EFT treatment! When I got home, my friend saw me walking and smiling and he was like “Oh my God! Why do you look so happy,don’t tell me… YOU HAD SEX didn’t you?!” And I laughed and said “No! Actually I naturally feel good!” and I explained to him about the treatment and how I realized I was feeling empty and inferior even though there are so many good things that I do and feel I need to focus on them. He was just astounded. I am about to go out and for the first time I feel good about going, and I know I’m not looking to find someone! I’m going to go to dance with my friend and to feel good and listen to music. That is so nice. I am so glad that I don’t have that feeling of yearning and wanting, because that feeling is not good and it makes me feel small in helpless, my feeling of inferiority is still there but it’s much less and the feeling of yearning is virtually gone! I’m excited about the technique and bringing it up at my next session! Thank so much again! 2 Week Update: I know it hasn’t been very long since the EFT, but I haven’t been overeating since [our session together]… it’s a great feeling!” — Eddie, New Hampshire

Before our session I could not leave the house. I was embarrassed. Now I am no longer stuck on just remembering. I am much more able to be functional. That session helped me put myself back together.” — Bonnie, Tennessee

[My EFT and Inner Theater] experience was really amazing, there were several surprising aspects… tears… it was incredibly moving… delightful. I feel, it’s not easy to put into words, something has come closer together in a way that feels supportive.” —Matthew, on his EFT and Inner Theater audio experience

I really appreciate the work you did with me. I’m still just becoming aware of the huge shift it made. For the first time maybe ever I feel really secure in myself. I can talk to my parents about their situation with a loving supportiveness, but I no longer feel the intensity or the weight of it dragging down my own life. I finally feel emotionally that their conflicts belong to them, not me. It’s been amazingly empowering… The eating issues have lost a lot of power, too. While still occasionally there, the cravings feel more like an annoying little fly buzzing around my head that I have to swat away, as opposed to some big monster pulling me down like it was before. I think it’s all interrelated, so it feels pretty awesome to have this change… Thanks a lot! It’s amazing how much ground we covered in only two sessions, and it’s been feeling great. I’ve worked with a few people in the past, but you’re actually the first with whom I’ve felt such palpable good changes!” —Renee H, Vermont

Jade, today I utilized the tapping during your show with only minor modifications and it was great! I am able to say, at least with a little bit of conviction, “Bullshit, I am enough! And that feels real good!” —James, NYC

Jade, I feel like a different person. As long as I’ve been doing EFT, I still was in awe of the power of this session for me. Life-changing! And it felt so-o-o good to be on the receiving end.” 3 day update: “The session you did for me was phenomenal. I simply can’t get back any of the pain that was there. The [negative feelings that once were there] have transformed into a warm and tender feeling. Your work is pure gold – it really is!” —Betty, Vermont

The change in my son’s behavior is amazing. Since the 2nd session, he is on less medication and doing much better. He’s even using his “tapping machine”! He is in a way different place than in a long time. We laughed together for the first time in forever. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” —“Anna,” Vermont

Your EFT helped me soooooo much! That day after I left you I had a bunch of errands to do but as soon as I got in the car I realized that I was just physically exhausted, really just spent. I drove straight home and got into bed and fell into a deep sleep for about 2 hours! (Have you heard of anyone else doing that?). I think the reason I was able to sleep so deeply is because I had been so stressed about the school question, but after you “tapped” me, my mind was completely at ease! Every time I tried to get into my circular thinking about the topic my mind just wouldn’t go there. It was exactly like you had said! I have to say that I was sceptical that it would work on me but it really, really did!” —Renee, Colorado

I’ve been processing our session for a little while, and I just wanted to say thank you. I am sad and comfortable, but it feels really good to feel, and to feel something real. It feels good that even though it feels hard, I am the only one who can heal myself, and there is nothing outside of me that can make my life better. Even though I feel far away from that, our session made me feel that it is possible, that there is hope for me. I must say again, it is the safe environment you create and the attention and presence you provide that makes this possible. Thank you for making me feel safe and important, those are not feelings I am familiar with and feels like a miracle to have them. That in itself is very healing.” — “Julia,” New Hampshire

It was so beautiful to see Vinnie not stressing out to the point of no return. It seems EFT has affected my entire family in more ways than I thought!” – Doreen Lucius, Co-Owner, Muddy Paws Canine Center, Westminster, Vermont

Thanks Jade. Guess who tapped this morning?” — “Mona,” Connecticut

My mom sounded so light and so joyful, that session with her was a gift.” — “Denise,” Arizona

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