Supervision and Mentoring

Would you like some help building your confidence as an EFT professional? Have you been through the trainings but still have questions? An individualized program of guidance and support from an experienced professional can be just what you need. Personal mentoring is part of the process of EFT Certification via AAMET International.

Imagine being able to integrate EFT more easily and skillfully with your primary profession. If you are looking to augment your psychology or nursing practice with EFT, for example, a personalized program of mentoring and supervision can help you bridge your current skills with your ability to apply EFT.

“I have been able to let go ‘the need to fix’ with so many people in so many ways – letting go of the need to give advice. The psychologist in me likes that. As a psychologist, I was trained to analyze and problem solve and figure things out about and for a person. What I like about the EFT process is that my role is to provide the environment to allow the person to find their way. You’ve helped me work on the EFT practitioner part of me, and that’s the piece I was missing.” – Paula Houck, Psychologist

“The mentoring has been so helpful. This has really been able to clarify things so well for me. It’s been, ‘I can do this!’ I really appreciate how you approach things. It’s been very very clear. It’s fun to not have an agenda, to see where [a session] is gonna go. That’s what keeps me doing this work – the adventure of it. I’m an explorer. THIS I can do.” – An EFT Student

My Supervision Story

When I was working towards becoming an EFT practitioner in 2005, I knew I needed some mentoring and supervision, but I really didn’t know anyone personally who practiced EFT at the time (it was a different world for EFT practitioners then). So I sought supervision with a colleague who was in a related healing art.

We spent many hours talking about our work together, and even though my friend was not an EFT professional, being able to discuss, share and process the many challenges in my practice was priceless. During this time, she also turned me on to a very special book that was an indispensable resource for me: “The Educated Heart” by Nina McIntosh – a book about good boundaries for body workers.

Jade and Helena TapSensing I needed someone with experience in my field, the next year I connected with a Master EFT Practitioner by the name of Sophia Cayer. I knew I could benefit from someone experienced who could help me build my confidence and skill, and Sophia was just such a teacher. During my year as an apprentice with her, she demonstrated and encouraged a disciplined, trusting “go with the flow” approach to EFT – one that I still draw upon to this day. I also learned what it was like to do EFT full-time.

Working Together

If you are an EFT student or simply want to step more confidently forward in your practice, I can provide support, feedback and encouragement during your exploration of the many challenging cases an EFT practitioner meets on the road. It can be weekly check-ins, post-session discussions or an occasional 1-to-1 call – it’s up to you. Whether you want to fill-in gaps in your skillset or finally put yourself forward as a full-time professional, for example, we can tailor our time together to suit your needs.

If you are a student seeking EFT certification through AAMET, at least 6 hours of mentoring is required the first year. Mentoring is required before recommending a candidate for certification.

If the ability to ask questions or share your successes, failures and challenges with an experienced EFTer and mentor sounds like what you are looking for, please get in touch. It will be a pleasure to talk about the possibilities for getting you the supervision and mentoring you need.

Save up questions and concerns and bring them to a personalized 1-to-1 call. 1 60-Minute Supervision/Mentoring session is $150 and a package of 3-60 Minute sessions is also available for $405. A Discount is available for students on a path to AAMET Certification with me.

Supervision/Mentoring Options

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I realize the whole certification/ supervision process can be confusing at first. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch anytime – Jade