1-to-1 EFT Sessions

Jade Barbee demonstrates EFT

I offer private 1-to-1 EFT sessions to help you address the “emotional contributors” to your challenge – perhaps for the first time. EFT works so well and gets such glowing first-hand endorsements because it works on all that emotional and mental stuff that is going on with us under the surface. Whether it is chronic physical challenges, troubling memories, beating yourself up or feeling stuck, personalized EFT attention could be just what is needed to get at what might be driving your challenge (or keeping it going) from behind the scenes.

What if this extraordinary work could allow you to step more easily into any changes you might be seeking?

It is my privilege to share with you the same methods I use for myself, my clients and my students everyday – in ways that honor your needs completely. Below I hope to give you a good idea about how sessions work and whether or not my EFT approach might be a good match for you.

Curious about how others are utilizing or experiencing EFT? Explore EFTfree.net to read a growing number of detailed EFT experiences by enthusiastic users from around the world.

By Phone or In-Person

Like a long-distance talk with an old friend, an EFT phone session can be very connective. In my experience, it is also a highly effective use of your time and money. Since you are tapping at home, you don’t have to travel and EFT offers the same benefits as an in-person session.

What Might I Expect?

During a phone or in-person session, you can expect me to be %100 dedicated to you and your goals. I’ll be following you, staying “in the moment”, and gently directing the focus of our interaction to help you achieve optimal results. I will also be gently guiding you through any meridian tapping points as we move along. My intent is to work with where you are and to help you stretch comfortably, confidently into where you would like to be—and who you would like to become.

Like many experienced practitioners, I prefer longer sessions so we can really get to the heart of what may be going on with you. For this reason, I always recommend a 90-minute session. However, I am flexible and will work with whatever time limitations you may have. Excellent results can often be achieved in even the shortest sessions.

Scheduling and Setup

I offer a free 20-minute exploratory talk to answer any questions, discuss your goals and talk about how my unique EFT approach may be able to assist you. In that time, I hope to give you a good idea of the process and discover whether or not what I can offer may be right for you.

Once we’ve scheduled an appointment, I will email you an information packet – to be filled out and returned (via email) before our scheduled time together. In this packet, I request whatever information you feel comfortable providing – whatever you feel is important for me to know about your issue(s) – any feelings, thoughts, history etc. I also ask that you sign a waiver stating that you take complete responsibility for your use of EFT.

Receipt of your payment will be final confirmation of our session, and I will arrange to call you at our appointed time.



Many clients prefer phone sessions. Believe it or not, unlike traditional therapies, EFT is portable and highly effective on the phone. If you can talk about what you are feeling or thinking, I can guide you effectively without the hassle and expense of travel. It really is that simple, and by tapping on yourself, you will grow in your ability to apply EFT for yourself in the future. While we are on the phone, a headset or speakerphone will keep your hands free to easily follow the technique. If you only have a handset (and one hand to tap), we can easily work around it. Also, keep a glass of water handy. Staying hydrated helps keep energy moving!


For international phone sessions, we can take advantage of free Skype to Skype calling. If you have a Skype user account (and headset/microphone), we can do EFT over our internet connections.


If you prefer a more face-to-face approach, an in person session would be more appropriate for you. I work in Southern Vermont and, occasionally, New York City. Depending on my availability, each can be scheduled according to your needs.


Please keep in mind that my appointment times are valuable and cannot be replaced. If you find you have to cancel or reschedule our session, please give me the courtesy of 24 hours notice – either by phone or email – to avoid paying the full amount. Also, when you purchase a package of three sessions, please plan to use these within 6 months or make specific arrangements.


Our sessions are personal and confidential. Anything you tell me is kept private and is strictly between us. Keep in mind, EFT is extremely flexible.  If there are personal things you do not want to discuss, EFT can still help.

I am here to help – to share with you an approach that has completely transformed my life, almost beyond description. Im happy to answer any questions you may have.