Discover EFT

EFTEmotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is a practical self-help method based on ancient Chinese medicine. It involves mindful “tapping” with our fingertips on acupuncture points, which can allow us to change how negative thoughts and feelings (past or present) are affecting us now.

Using EFT, we can empower ourselves, take greater responsibility for our own emotional and physical health, and step into new better feeling ways of being in the world. Just a couple of “rounds” of tapping can relieve stress, calm our nerves and have a noticeable effect. Try it for yourself and see:

Download The Free 1-Page “ABCs” of EFT

A simple EFT approach is powerful – and empowering. Practice it on yourself, for someone else – or together with a trusted practitioner. One way to start exploring EFT is by downloading a free EFT Manual or by taking an EFT Training Workshop. All it takes is your mind, your hands and a little know-how for results that can be noticeable and profound.

Learn EFT (tapping) from founder Gary Craig

Like a personal yoga practice or a mindful meditation, EFT is easily-learned and works at your pace. With a gentle and mindful tapping, we can find:

  • Greater peace and connection with ourselves – Becoming “in-sync” with who we really are
  • Feelings of worthiness and deservedness on a deep level
  • Freedom from fears, anxieties and past traumas that continue to haunt
  • Letting go of anger, hurt, resentment, shame and their effect on the body
  • Relief from chronic pain and serious illness in surprising ways
  • Greater, lasting confidence – often when we never thought it was possible
  • Better sleep habits, especially if sleeplessness is how we express the effects of stress
  • Less stress, more peace of mind as you no longer “take things on” in quite the same way…
  • Success and abundance in all areas of your life, regardless of “the economy…”
  • Freedom from chronic worry and negative thinking, even if we’ve “always worried…”
  • Feelings of safety and calm confidence
  • Hope for the future
  • Transform our relationships with food
  • Greater freedom from reaching outside ourselves for answers (drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, food, sugar, coffee, etc.)
  • A measurable sense of wellbeing – and so much more!

EFT is great for addressing everything from relationship issues to chronic physical problems. And whether you practice on your own or with the guidance of a skilled professional, EFT offers the relief and release that comes with acknowledging and transforming your unexamined thoughts, beliefs and emotions. As we look at (and tap on) our role in our own life struggles, we are being solution-oriented in a unique way which can allow our bodies, minds and emotional bodies to more naturally heal.