EFT Level 3 – Advanced EFT Training

Jade Barbee, EFT Level 3In Level 3, students experience the importance of meeting a person “where they are” and trusting this approach in the most complex of cases.

In this intensive, experiential, 2-day workshop, students practice integrating foundational EFT skills in ways that can maximize their time together with clients and help them achieve more profound, lasting results. Each module emphasizes the finer points of being present, discerning aspects, “circling-in” to Core Issues and applying EFT appropriately and creatively – with the least amount of effort and the greatest amount of skill. An introduction to visual approaches, parts work and inner child EFT is included.

Learn to apply core EFT skills and innovations to the EFT process that expand upon your individuality, skill-set and experience.

Angel Practices EFT at her home in Jersey CityNext Level 3 (US)
Ridgefield, CT, Friday & Saturday, March 22-23, 2019
Registration Now Open

Prerequisite: EFT Level 2 (pending written approval) and/or EFT Certification (any organization)
Please email jade@emotionalengine.com with questions

Jade Barbee’s Level 3 Courses include:

  • Simple tools for building Rapport and working with complex issues
  • The art of “Continuous Tapping,” appropriate use of Reframing, intuition and “trusting the flow”
  • Tried-and-true strategies for “circling-in” to Core issues effectively and Testing your results
  • Practice w/ Parts language as well as Visual and Inner Child approaches for getting specific
  • Hands-on practice, demonstrations, individualized attention and constructive feedback
  • Full integration with AAMET International’s core competencies for EFT Level 3

What Students Are Saying About Jade’s EFT Level 3 Course:

The most helpful part [of the October 2015 Level 3 class] was the big picture approach rather than just adding specific skills. The broad view allowed me to pull everything together and I feel more confident now. I have learned that I can be flexible in my approach now that I am confident of the basic skills. I find that allowing a client to complete the sentence following the word “because….” is a great door opener to deeper work.
– Margaret Creeth, LPC

Jade is a skilled and masterful teacher. His desire to set you up for success and genuine desire for students to receive, digest and integrate the material is clearly evident. Jade models a knowledgeable, powerful and sensitive art of delivery and his teaching style meets people where they are. One of the most valuable take-aways [from the October 2015 Level 3] for me is in letting the process do the work. There was a deepening of this awareness for me and not only does that help me, it is helping my clients. I also loved the “squeeze the lemon” technique. This is so valuable!
– Kimberly Francano, Manager of Coaching and Coach Trainer for Margaret Lynch

Attending this weekend felt like I have taken off a heavy, soggy wetsuit and now I can swim more freely & easily with my Art of Delivery. Seeing how effectively one can calibrate midstream while continuing to tap. I feel like I really go a deep sense of how I can let sessions flow even more seamlessly with less stops and starts. Squeezing the Lemon is an amazing technique and I am sure I will be integrating this into my own Personal Peace practice as well as sharing it with others. I also sincerely appreciated having the map as a way to navigate sessions and to always know where I am and where to return to whenever I am in doubt.
– Jennifer Moore, EFT Practitioner and Tatoo Medicine Lady (http://modernmedicinelady.com)

The biggest takeaway for me [from EFT Level 3 in October 2015] was the Emotional Landscape metaphor and the idea of starting with the Presenting Issue and letting the tapping do the work from there. This concept paid huge dividends in my first session after the workshop. Also, “squeezing the lemon” was an awesome new tool. Each of the demos was an authentic application of the strategies being showcased. Extremely valuable.
– Brad Thompson, Entrepreneur, WellnessWithin

[The highlights of the February 2014 Level 3 class] are impossible to pull apart. It was VERY well structured, presented, and with perfect ratios of presentation, demonstration, and participation. It exceeded my expectations.
– Frances Sorensen