EFT Level 2 – Building Foundational Skills

EFT Workshops at Fall Mountain ArtistsIn Level 2, foundational skills are brought together and expanded – giving students the training necessary to begin sharing the power of EFT at the practitioner level.

Are you ready to continue your EFT training in a uniquely supportive environment? Level 2 students can expect step-by-step guidance, 1-to-1 practice, live demonstrations and personalized feedback as we continue to practice foundational EFT skills, including new ones like the Gentle Techniques, Limiting Beliefs/Writing’s on the Wall and working effectively with Core Issues.

Upon completion of the EFT Level 2 Course, students may then choose to complete the full requirements for AAMET Accredited Practitioner Certification (6 hours of supervision/mentoring, an assessment of 4 case studies, including an audio or live session, 50 practice hours and completion of a multiple choice exam).

Below you will find registration information for the next scheduled Level 2 class and an outline of what you can expect each day during the course. As always, feel free to email or call if you have any questions.

Level 1 Students in Watertown, CTNext Combined Level 1/Level 2 Workshop (US):
Ridgefield, Connecticut, US
March 29-31, 2019
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What Level 2 Students Are Saying:

I am so thankful that I’ve taken the Level 1 & 2 classes with you! You explain EFT in a way that I ‘get it’ and you make a point of taking the pressure off. Whew! What a relief. It’s boosted my confidence and given me more ways to work with my clients and to excavate my own stuff on an ever deepening level.
– Charli Griffin, November 2014

…I’d been practicing EFT on myself with success for seven years, but I did not have the knowledge or confidence to help others until I took your excellent courses [EFT Level 1 and Level 2]. I am privileged to have learned at the hands of such experienced, compassionate, and artful practitioners.
– Terry Hernon, June 2014

Course Requirements:

Completion of an AAMET Level 1 class or equivalent experience is required for this Level 2. Please get in touch if you have any questions about this or to register. Participants are also encouraged to download and read the EFTfree Manual as a warm-up for the class.

Structure of Level 2:

This class is designed to bring together all foundational skills so students can draw their own conclusions and gain confidence in their ability to deliver a skillful session (for themselves or others) in every instance. Practice in pairs or threes is part of the learning process, and the two-day Level 2 format allows for quality hands-on experiences and group discussions.

In EFT Level 2, students can expect to learn:

  • A review of basic skills
  • The Gentle Techniques, including Sneaking Up, Tearless Trauma, and the Tell the Story technique
  • The Palace of Possibilities: The importance of identifying & addressing Writings on the Wall, Limiting Beliefs (or “thoughts that feel true”)
  • The Tabletop/Legs metaphor for Core Issues and the power of getting specific
  • More Practice and emphasis on Measuring and Testing
  • Awareness of cognitive, perceptual, energetic, and somatic shifts
  • Tailenders and the role of affirmations
  • Introduction to positive choices and creative language
  • More on creative testing of results
  • The Personal Peace Procedure
  • Introduction to delivering EFT by telephone/ Skype
  • EFT for groups and Borrowing Benefits
  • Introduction to EFT for children
  • Importance of doing our own personal work
  • Safety, boundaries, and confidentiality
  • The AAMET Ethics Code
  • Requirements and benefits of EFT Certification

If you have any further questions about Level 2, please get in touch (below). We look forward to meeting you and sharing EFT together.