About Jade

Jade BarbeeEFT helps me everyday. When I find myself off in the weeds or feeling bad, it is always there to help me weather personal challenges, get out of my own way and live life as authentically as I possibly can. It enables me to get back on the horse when I fall, to stretch more comfortably, and to approach all of my goals more effortlessly.

I use it to help other people too. By acknowledging hurts, fears, worries and negative self-talk (as well as limiting thinking), Ive seen EFT affect people’s lives in amazing ways – from resolving allergies, relieving chronic pain and letting go of bad habits to completely changing a person’s perspective and improving self-esteem.

EFTMy training and experience includes hundreds of hours of private sessions and group work since 2005. I am an AAMET Certified EFT Trainer and Practitioner, and I also bring more than seven years of experience as a private tutor and learning specialist to my 1-on-1 session work. I teach EFT workshops all over the US, and I’m an active member of AAMET International’s Training and Certification Board.

How I Came to EFT

In early 2005. I was working as a learning strategies trainer in New York City, a job that had traveling from home to home, giving private lessons, tutoring and helping people create technology solutions for themselves. I did well professionally, but I was pretty unhappy, and I felt as if I was really spinning my wheels. I knew was carrying a ton of stress around with me, but I didn’t know how to let go of it. TMJ (a painful jaw condition) tormented me daily – so much that I used to wake with headaches, and my wrists always hurt from what I thought was simply working on the computer too much. It seemed I was constantly sick in some form or another, always on antibiotics and deeply unsatisfied with my personal relationships.

Jade BarbeeI learned of EFT almost casually after contacting a hypnotherapist I found online. Before we got around to doing any hypnotherapy, she introduced me to EFT and explained that she had just learned it and wanted to try it on me. I agreed, and, to my surprise and delight, after only five minutes of tapping, several years of “carpal tunnel” pain literally melted away (and did not return for over two years)!

The experience blew me away. EFT eased my physical symptoms, and it also removed the sting from deeper, more troubling PTSD issues and traumatic memories that slowly — and safely — emerged during the tapping. Had I actually found a cure for the many terrible feelings I had been carrying around with me for so long? In short, I experienced the clear connection between my feelings and my physical symptoms during this process — and the power to finally do something about it.

As I began to slowly and methodically confront the guilt, shame and uncomfortable memories onto which I was holding, I started to want to share my discoveries with others. Months of study accompanied my self-exploration, and gradually I began sharing EFT with friends, family, peers and clients.

My severe “carpal tunnel” symptoms never returned. In those rare times when I do get occasional flashes of soreness, I’ve come to know that it’s usually related to something emotional — like feeling “trapped” or “pressured” into something — and it’s usually work-related!

EFT continues to be there for me at all times—allowing me to address and transform challenges when they arise. And those old TMJ symptoms when they do appear serve as a personal emotional barometer reminding me when I’m denying something emotional that needs to be addressed.

I delight in sharing EFT with others, and I’m grateful to nurture a growing practice where I get to provide EFT solutions to people from all walks of life. Athletes, actors, psychologists, entrepreneurs, singers, bank tellers, students—all kinds of people come to me because they feel intuitively that troubling emotional issues or painful physical challenges don’t have to affect them for the rest of their lives. Or they’ve simply “tried everything” and are literally at their wits’ end—just like I was.