The EFT Experience: Resolving Panic Attacks

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In this special live workshop, Host Jade Barbee welcomes Diana Bustos, an EFTer specializing in helping people successfully address chronic anxiety conditions. Come learn how Diana used EFT to overcome her previously debilitating panic attacks and experience first-hand how to approach these complex issues on your own.

This show was broadcast on 5/13/09. Click here to listen or download via iTunes here:

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Diana writes:

“Chronic anxiety and panic attacks can create a very scary cycle which can bring individuals to create avoidance behaviors. They will stop going places or doing certain things because they become terrorized at the thought of all the symptoms that accompany a panic attack such as a racing heart, dizziness, sweating, churning stomach and a feeling that death is looming or they are going to loose control. Therefore, chronic anxiety can become debilitating and affect their quality of life.

EFT can help rid the pattern of chronic anxiety and panic attacks by getting to the core issues that created the circumstances in the first place and releasing them from the body. Once these issues are dissolved the body can soon start coming back to alignment. As a result, the body’s fight/flight system that has become too sensitive and is responsible for creating the inner terror can now resume its normal state, only being triggered in the case of a true emergency.”

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