Jade BarbeeMy name is Jade Barbee, and I share the revolutionary healing art of EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques. Why is it revolutionary? EFT (or Tapping) helps us ‘hold space for ourselves’ in ways that allow the energy of difficult thoughts and feelings to naturally shift. When we allow ourselves to have what we are having (e.g. intense thoughts or feelings), we feel better.

Everyone has had negative or painful experiences, and each of us deals with these in our own way. Some of us self-medicate, others externalize (scream, abuse or blame) and still many more internalize the pain in the form of self-blame, anxiety, physical symptoms or negative thinking. In essence, we can all get in the habit of ‘pushing away’ difficult thoughts – which is only a temporary fix.

With EFT, we can begin allowing ourselves to have our pain, and by doing so, we create the space for our discomfort to naturally change or evolve. In this way, tapping brings relief…

Further Study: Read about the Science Behind EFT here.

What If…

      Your allergic reactions were related to a sense of not feeling quite safe in the world because of many small (but significant) traumas that occurred in childhood (but were never addressed?)
      Tapping on a past troubling memory had a marked effect on your ability to set healthier boundaries in your relationships – and your relationship changed for the better?
      Doing EFT once, for only 90 minutes, finally allowed you to start having fun (and greater success) as a creative artist or entrepreneur because you stopped believing, “I’m not good enough,” or “I am unworthy?”
      Just a little EFT on a physical injury changed your experience of it permanently, so it didn’t bother you and you didn’t think about it anymore (and it got better all by itself?)

These are just a few of the “miracles” that can happen when we use EFT or Tapping to address the emotional contributors to our current problems.

If you’re wanting to move beyond a personal limitation of any kind, to feel better in relationship to another person (or yourself!), or stop reaching outside of yourself for answers; If you’re wanting to try a new approach to letting go of whatever you’re carrying, click here to start discovering EFT →

Tuning Your Emotional Engine

Your feelings matter. Consider that what you have running under the surface, how you really think and feel, is what matters most for your health, your relationships – everything. EFT is a useful tool for resolving the specific traumatic events that affect many areas of our current experience, including allergic reactions, negative relationship patterns, unhelpful relationships to foods and substances, and more…

So whether you are looking for help with something chronic, interested in taking an EFT training course or just curious about what this “tapping” is all about, this site can help you learn about the exciting role EFT can play in your life.

Jade BarbeeEFT Training and Certification: If you want to learn how to do EFT, hands-on practice in a group environment is the best way. Whether your goals are personal or professional, I offer step-by-step trainings for students at every level of interest. I teach from my experience as a practitioner and educator, and each training meets stringent criteria set forth AAMET International, so you can trust you’re getting a quality education. → Learn More About My Training and Certification Workshops

Personal 1-to-1 Coaching Sessions: Sometimes it can be difficult to help ourselves, and doing EFT with a skilled professional can make all the difference. As your practitioner, I can help you address and disarm the emotional considerations (negative thoughts, feelings or patterns including Past Troubling Memories) that are contributing to emotional or physical problems – especially in areas of Stress-Related Illness. And by addressing Self-Esteem, Procrastination, Self-Sabotage and Perfectionism in your personal or business life, reaching for your desired goals becomes more effortless – and success feels like it’s just around the corner.

Jade BarbeeI also specialize in helping LGBTQI people of all stripes discover what life is like after letting go – on a body level – of shame, guilt and past troubling memories that continue to haunt and disable us in the world.

My tapping approach is holistic, and I strive to meet you where you are, which, in my experience, is always the best place to start → Where would you like to go with EFT?

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If you are wondering if EFT can help you – get in touch. It would be my pleasure to talk with you about the possibilities.